We are a doctor's clinic situated at Søborg Torv in the municipality of Gladsaxe, north of Copenhagen center.

In Denmark GP’s act as representatives of the Danish National Health Care System.
Our job is to meet the patients needs, make the preliminary examinations, treat them and if necessary refer to a relevant specialist or hospital.

You can visit the clinic if you have a Danish Health Insurance Card or you can consult the doctors and pay with credit card according to their fees.


Who are we

We are four specialists in general medicine/family medicine (GP), Maria Højmark-Jensen MD, Peter Berg MD, Søren Brorson MD and Rie Stavis Rosman MD.

Furthermore we have three nurses and a group secretaries employed.

For your information we all speak English.


What can we offer

We do pregnancy controls, childrens examinations, all general medical examinations, laboratory tests and minor surgery.


How to contact us

Our phone number: +45 39560055

Our general phone hours are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 noon. The phone will be answered by one of our secretaries who works in close cooperation with the doctors.

It is important that you always call the clinic to make an appointment, before seeing one of the doctors.